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Pepe and Wojack

“Wojack” or feel guy is the plain drawing of a character which was spammed all over the site with >tfw no gf. It was originally created on krautchan, someone drew a picture of one of the tripfags there. Pepe the frog was taken from the Boys Club comic where’s explaining that peeing with his pants all the way down ‘feels good man’. (And later became sad frog) but you probably already know that. What I wanted to write about here was two spin-offs of these.

Poopoo/peepee and wojack

The pepe meme got way too famous and the robots on 4/r9k/ felt that ‘normies’ (their primary enemy) were stealing their content. On Twitter: Famously Nicky Minaj posted this, later on even Donald Trump posted one (of himself as pepe).

Poopoo peepee started to make normies fuck off. What most people don’t know though, is that it got started in a vocaroo thread where people were saying how they pronounce “Pepe.” One accented guy pronounced it “Peepee” and others were replying to him with “PEE PEE?” and “POO POO?” and it devolved into spamming PEE PEE POO POO.

  • Anonymous /r9k/29197111

So these were created as an attack. A similar thing happened before, the racist rebranding of rage-comics to try to stop reddit from using them.

Pretty Princess Points

It’s really difficult to find any solid facts about these. The depth and complexity of these goes far beyond normal OC you find on chans. For this reason I think that most of them have been created by one person, and they would have been created by femanons.

I did find this comment in an early archived thread about them (but I can’t confirm that it’s true):

i literally started making these because i wanted to draw girls wallowing in their own piss

you faggots think too much

and yes i am a normalfag

It’s also been said that

Pretty Princess Points are a way for girls to show that they aren’t too different from guys.

The joke is that the girl is so neet that she has a parasitic relationship with her parent/legal guardian much like how a lot of male robots leech off their parents.

One anon provided his own analysis of them:

The person(s) pushing the GBP and current Princess Points set-ups are trying for a long grift, but it is abundantly clear that they don’t really know where they’re going with it. Their work feels more like a gallery than a meme, but suffers because they’re being released far too far apart to maintain the narrative for most viewers, and their staggered production shoots any chance of a cohesive theme.

Another on its subversive quality

There’s all sorts of normie memes about calling your girl princess and treating her like a princess etc. It’s just /r9k/ is subversive is as fuck so we juxtaposed that sort of simultaneously neotenous and paternal worship of women against the disgusting and psychotic reality of women’s lives. It’s high art senpai.

But i think the best way to understand and appreciate them it to check them out, so I’ve included all of them in the archive here!

Pill History

In The Matrix, Neo takes the redpill because he wants to accept reality (even if it’s harsh and cold) instead of living in a safe bubble that was artifically constructed to hide the truth.

Some anons from 4/pol/ have described their own experience as being similar to this - accepting scary conspiracy theories as true and seeing all kinds of censorship and mass media manipulation has made them feel like everyone else is just a blue pilled sheep. This became a useful metaphor for explaining various /pol/ ideas and memes. Often anons will ask ‘redpill me on X’. Then again others have said this completely misses the point of thinking for yourself.

Later on, /x/ created their own new pill: the greenpill. Something similar but with a different ideology. Eventually it came back around to /pol/ and Iron Pill was created. Eventually people were having so much fun with it that it exploded and there are 60 pills in right now.


People wanted to be able to define their own identity and to encapsulate the identity of others.

Pills are transformative - they can cure you of a disease or they can give a high like a drug.

As autistic as this might sound, iron pill comics got me to quit weed, booze, shitty food, and start lifting. Yesterday I hit a 405 deadlift, and I haven’t touched a substance in over a year. I cook all of my own meals sourced from farmers markets, and local butchers.

  • Anonymous 4/pol/

Pills are caricatures too. They’re created as a joke just for the fun of it.

The creation of so many silly pills is a good instrument for mocking the left/right dichotomy that they were originally invented to reflect.

it made me realize people want easy answers to all of life’s problems. be it the red pill, the iron pill, scientology, christianity, nazism, conservatism, communism etc.

  • Anonymous on 8/pol/

Not everybody agrees with the meme, some outright reject it as a harmful and limiting way to think of things.

This. Anyone who uses “redpilling” as a verb, like “Redpill me on X”, completely misses the point of thinking for yourself. They might be aware something is wrong with the status quo, but aren’t willing to actually figure out how to change it themselves, relying on someone else to do the groundwork for them, leading them vulnerable to shills.

  • Anonymous on 8/pol/